Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Royal Red Carpet , and A Book Giveaway!!!

Every fashion and noteworthy event now marks its presence with a red carpet moment.
I am beyond elated to let you know that my book,
Yarn Whirled, the Royal Family, just made its debut on the most notable fashion and Royal watching platform in the blogosphere!!

Go Fug
In effect, the red carpet for Royal Fashion and fun.
From its saucy name to its amusing and insightful commentary, GFY ( as it is known to its legions of followers (Fug Nationals) is one of the most entertaining and on point blogs on the web.

When I started my craft book, and needed Royal  inspiration, I knew where to look!
 The GFY blog  is written by Heather Cocks, and Jessica Morgan, who are also the authors of the best selling book "The Royal We", among other great  books, and actually cover the real red carpet!!!

I can not even express how delighted I was when The GFY Girls let me know that they would be happy to post a book giveaway for Yarn Whirled: The Royal Family  on their blog.  Really, I am still swooning.

Please visit this amazing blog. Please enter the *giveaway! Don't blame me if you become hooked.  I am a proud Fug National, and have been, basically since the days of dial up.  And if you are a Fug National, you will understand when I say that most of my book was written when I was wearing a wine cardigan over a Breton stripe tee!

*The giveaway ends Friday July 14, 2017 at 9 pm Pacific time

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Royal Reveal !!

Drum-roll please! 
Every fairy tale world has royal characters , and "Yarn Whirled" tm  is no exception! In England today, royal watchers eagerly welcomed The Royal Ascot Races 2017 as a chance to catch a glimpse of  the  British royal family in all of their festive finery. On this side of the pond, today marks the exciting launch of the newest book in my YarnWhirled series:


From Queen Elizabeth attired in an ermine trimmed cape at her coronation, and garbed in a bright coordinating hat and suit ensemble at her 90th birthday,  to the adorable Prince William and Princess Charlotte, there is a character for every book collector, anglophile, and crafter!

 Ascot wear abounds...

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie
As do medals and crowns!

These fun to make characters are made using my proprietary yarn craft "yarn whirled".
No needle-craft skill is required.   The book has simple to follow step by step photos and directions, so that any crafter can make their own royal characters, using nothing except yarn, and simple wrapping techniques!  Yarn Whirled: The Royal Family also includes a bonus section with patterns for some simple to crochet hats and accessories.

Queen Elizabeth and her Grandchildren

I am truly delighted that Yarn Whirled: The Royal Family is now available at Amazon, Dover Publishing, Barnes and Noble, and many other fine booksellers and craft stores! Please visit at
 for upcoming updates, events, techniques and video!
Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex
Creating the characters for this book was a wonderful journey.  It always amazes me that yarn can be transformed into so many incredible things, from the most beautiful and intricate sweaters, to enchanting characters. 
 And, I have to confess that besides the yarn craft, which I always find to be relaxing, I thoroughly enjoyed doing the research for this book ! Fabulous blogs like the Royals Round- Up at  and the
provided me with copious amount of information and inspiration, as well as hours of endless entertainment. I hope that you will enjoy making these regal characters as much as I have!